Apple Pie 6 oz. Tureen Jar Wickless Candle

$5.75 USD


Product Description

Smells just like moms hot apple pie cooling in an open window.

Wickless candles are perfect for the individual who prefer not to have lighted candles in their home, dorm room, or office. These triple scented candles are made using a soft soy paraffin blended wax which allows me to add a little extra fragrance to the wax. These are nicely scented and highly fragrant! All you need to do is simply place one on your candle warmer and enjoy the scent.

This jar was chosen for our wickless candle because not only is this jar short, it has a wide mouth which means that the wax melts faster and there is a larger melt pool for a bigger scent throw. This 6 oz. Tureen Jar is perfect for the wickless candle (Holds approx. 5 ounces of wax). You'll receive your candle with the above picture on the lid.

CANADA Customers: I will combine shipping! If you order five or less candles, your order will be sent USPS First Class. Six or more, I will need to invoice you for the USPS Priority Flat Rate which is $25.95 for the medium size box, and $32.95 for the large size box.

The shipping prices you see is only an estimate. If the actual cost is more than $1.00 off, I will gladly refund you the difference.

Apple Pie 6 oz. Tureen Jar Wickless Candle Apple Pie 6 oz. Tureen Jar Wickless Candle